Our aim at Stay Cool Homestay is to connect international students with local families who can be a host while the students are staying, studying and living overseas. The student will have the opportunity to experience the local culture, improve his/her English and experience an authentic lifestyle. Accommodation for the student will be near the school of their choice and half or full board can be provided by agreement.

The options for accommodation are:

• Single bedroom with shared bathroom
• Twin bedroom with shared bathroom.
• Single or Twin bedroom with ensuite.

The board includes:

• Breakfast everyday.
• Dinner everyday
• Lunch on the weekends.
• Lunch on weekdays can be arranged for an extra charge.

For an extra fee we can also offer services such as:

• Airport transfers
• Help on arrival
(info to open bank account, buy a mobile number, map from your area, etc)

We conduct Home Inspections every 3 months and check police records for every person within the hosting family aged 18 years and above. Our mission is to provide the students with a warm, nurturing and homely environment, experiencing the daily routine and cultural exchange between the student and family. Welcoming the student to our community and traditions with kindness and respect; sharing with the world the amazing kiwi spirit, hospitality and the most beautiful thing in this country, the kiwi people.

We are the only homestay agency capable to plan for emergencies and natural disasters with the hosting families, promoting the student safety in emergency situations.

Ane Seeling Wilson is the owner of Stay Cool Limited and is very passionate about her work within the company. She has 10 years experience working within the hospitality industry and 6 years working as a home educator. “I have a passion for helping young people with brave hearts who want to explore the world and grow their spirit and mind.”